Axon Nutritionals takes a scientific approach to nutraceutical development and believes simple lifestyle adjustments, including the addition of daily nutraceuticals to your diet, will promote healthy aging and reduce risk of disease.

With this philosophy in mind, we have developed a pipeline of nutritional supplements for baby boomers to support:
  • Memory and Cognition
  • Synaptic Activity and Cellular Function
  • Immune and Neurological Health

Our approach involves helping other like-minded nutritional companies develop safe, science-based nutraceuticals.

Our mission is to serve the nutraceuticals industry and baby boomer, condition-specific nutritional supplement market by:
  • Developing safe nutraceuticals based on the advice of our scientific advisory board
  • Partnering with academics and other nutraceutical companies to certify safety and expedite product development and market launch


Our products are specially formulated with clinically proven ingredients to maintain brain function and cellular integrity. Our product pipeline consists of anti-aging supplements for two reasons:
  1. As people age, essential nutrient levels become less bioavailable in the diet.
  2. As people age, the bioavailability of nutrients decreases in the body.
Our custom analytical services can meet your company's product development and FDA approval process requirements for nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals:
  • Analysis and Safety Assessment
  • Analytical Testing Services
  • Laboratory Testing Services
  • Drug Development Services
  • Medical Writing Services
  • Regulatory Support for FDA Filings
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